Authorities shut girl’s lemonade stand

It looks like someone in Portland, Oregon took their job a little too seriously. How do you shut down a seven year old girls lemonade stand because she doesn’t have a vendors license? Isn’t that how entrepreneurs are born, isn’t that how we teach young people how to handle money, learn marketing, and provide a cold drink to the neighbors on a hot day? Or do you take the point of view of the inspector? His job is to protect the people to make sure that anything that people buy to eat or drink is sold by a licensed vendor. If you watch the video you will see that 7-year olds can’t even get a license.

I gotta believe that in this type of a case the inspector should have just bought a cup of lemonade and went on his way, then again, he may have set this girl up to have the best lemonade selling day ever in her area. Ain’t nothing like some free publicity to drum up business!

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