I survived the St. Louis Lambert Airport Tornado – video

By now most of you have heard about the tornado that ripped through St. Louis on April 22, 2011 and ended up shutting the Lambert Airport down.  I happened to be in town for my cousins wedding and was staying at the Marriott St. Louis airport hotel when the tornado hit.  I’ve never had to seek shelter from a tornado, and to have this happen while in a hotel was an odd experience to say the least.  The hotel was great about giving us adequate warning and having us take the necessary precautions.  You could hear the shakiness in the voice of the guy who was speaking over the intercom system as he said that the tornado was in the immediate area of the hotel.  I wasn’t really scared, but when they tell you that this is not test and you need to take shelter immediately, it does feel a little different.  Shortly after taking shelter in the bathroom, the lights flickered a couple of times, but I didn’t hear the “train” noise that everybody talks about.  After about twenty minutes we were given the all clear.

My hotel suffered minor damage compared to what happened at the airport.  Here is a photo that I took of the visible damage at the hotel.

Here is the video of the tornado hitting the St. Louis Lambert Airport.

I’m thankful to have survived this natural disaster without any injuries or damage to my car. I am also thankful to the staff of the Marriott St. Louis Airport hotel for doing an excellent job during this nerve wracking experience.

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  1. LaoZen says:


    That is scary. You just never know when Mother Nature strikes. Thank goodness you were safe. That video is just too scary. Looks like a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster.

  2. Kam says:

    Browards Morningshow-We would build our shelter out of heavy metal maretials,and we would use long pegs to anchor the shelter into the ground.Inside,our tornado shelter we would store:canned goods,first aid kits,cell phones,battery powered radio to listen to the weather,water,a bed,a flashlight,and batteries.-Katelyn SMath Girl

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