‘I’m too rich to go to jail’ – Really?

I saw a story on MSNBC that says Jessica Nicole Hincapie was arrested after fighting in a taxicab with Anna Lemoine.  First of all how do you fight in a cab so tough that the police have to be called?  I’m not finished…the story says that as she was being arrested she blurted out “I’m too rich to go to jail.”   Actually the full line was “You are in trouble because I am a New Yorker and my brother is CSI” and “My dad paid cash for my Toyota Corolla and I am too rich to go to jail.”

Somebody please tell me that she was drunk out of her mind when she said that.  Is this girl for real?

Now that she has embarrassed herself and her family, let’s see what the media does when more people find out about this foolishness.

I tried to find a photo of this genius, but I was not successful.  I bet I can find one in a couple of days.  When I do, I’ll add it to this post.

You can read the full story by clicking HERE.

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