Impala jumps into car to save its life – video

I’m one of those guys who loves to see a good predator chase scene. If you have not watched the video yet, watch it. It’s one of the best scenes ever captured on video. Thank you Samantha Pittendrigh for capturing the video and then sharing it with the world.  I like the Discovery channel and National Geographic among others, however, in all my years of watching mother nature in action, I have never seen anything like this. This desperate impala is running for his life from two cheetahs that are hot on his tail. In a moment of sheer genius or just pure dumb luck the impala jumps into a nearby car to get away…and it worked. Look at how the cheetahs back away from the car when the impala jumps in. I bet they too were saying “we ain’t never seen nothing like that before!” This is just amazing video. Look at how high those impalas can jump. They look like they are flying. Wow!

Here is a link to the full story : CLICK HERE

impala jumps into car

impala jumps into car

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