Man accidently shoots himself in the penis

Just reading that headline, no pun intended, is painful.  Here is what happened; Joshua Seto, from Chandler, Arizona was walking into a food store with his fiance, Cara Christopher, when he tried to put her pink handgun into the waistband of his pants.  The gun fired and hit him in the penis and in his left thigh.  He was taken to a hospital for treatment (I bet he was).  😉

Police are unsure if Mr Seto suffered any permanent damage.  They are also encouraging their citizens to be careful where they carry their guns.  Chandler police spokesperson, Seth Tyler said “If you are going to carry a handgun on your person, use a holster, not your waistband.”  That sounds like smart advice to me.

You can see the full story as I saw it by clicking HERE.

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