Mom accused of playing on Facebook while baby died in tub

I saw a story on MSNBC that said a 34-year old mother, Shannon Johnson, from Colorado was playing on Facebook, while her 13-month old baby boy drowned in the tub alone.  The story says that she admitted putting him in the tub alone and then she went into another room to play the game ‘Cafe World’ on Facebook.

After about ten minutes she no longer heard and sounds from the boy.  She checked on him, only to find him slumped over face down and making gurgling sounds.  She dialed 911, but her son died.

I know the immediate question from you is why would she leave a 13-month old in the tub  alone.  Shannon said that she didn’t want him to grow up to be a “momma’s boy”.  Well unfortunately he won’t get to grow up at all.

You can read the full story by clicking HERE.

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  1. Jilly says:

    “Shannon said that she didn’t want him to grow up to be a “momma’s boy”.”

    One year old isn’t even old enough to be a “momma’s boy” and certainly isn’t old enough to be left alone in the bath. A “momma’s boy” is a son that is dependent on his mother long after he should be independent. How can a one year old be anything other than dependent on his parents?

    There’s nothing she can say to justify what she did. The only thing you can possibly say for her is that it’s clear that she didn’t intend for any harm to come to her son. Intent would be the only thing that could make this tragedy any worse.

    And it’s far too easy to blame this on Facebook. It truly frustrates me when I see people jumping up and down, screaming about how Facebook and video games cause children to be neglected, that they’re inherently evil and the rest of it. You won’t see childrens charities calling for Facebook to be banned, it wouldn’t change a thing,. There have always been distractions in life. Good parenting can set those distractions aside. Poor parenting cannot or simply does not.

    The safety of her son was not the foremost thing in Shannon Johnson’s mind. He paid the ultimate price for that.

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