Lost Dog Found 850 Miles Away, 5 Years Later

Lost Dog Found, After 5 Years

I saw a story in the New York Post that told about a lost dog being reunited with its owner, Natalie,  after the 11-year old girl wishes for the dogs return.  (I’d like to say she prayed, but the story says she wished)  You can read the article HERE.  Here’s proof the wishes and dreams do still come true…and prayer never hurts.


80-Year Old Stripper, Still Taking It Off

Tempest Storm, 80-year old stripper

Tempest Storm is an 80-year old stripper in Las Vegas.  Even though arthritis and old age has slowed her down, she still gets her fair share of tips.  You can read the full story HERE.


Drunk Burglar Talks To Victim Until The Cops Come

Did you hear about the drunk burglar who was robbing someone he knew and ended up talking to the victim until the cops arrived to arrest him?  It actually happened in Winnsboro, Texas.  You can read the full story HERE.  It’s bad enough that he was stealing, then you add on that he was stealing from someone he knew, then he got into a converstation long enough to get arrested.  I guess he got what he deserved.


Hello world!

I really like finding odd stories and sharing them with the world.  Some of this stuff is so wild you can’t imagine that it is true, but it is.  I might produce an odd news newsletter if I get enough interest.  If you have some strange and unusual news please let me know at