Petite woman bumped from plane for hefty passenger

The sub-headline on this story said, 5-foot-4 woman loses her seat so that late arriving passenger could have two.  Lemme get this straight; I’m on the plane, bags packed in the carry on bins and you remove me from the plane because “tubby” here needs two seats?  I’d be ticked off too, even if I was flying standby.

Here is what the story says:

A female sales rep (who requested anonymity in interviews) revealed her strange tale to the Sacramento Bee, relating how she was asked to vacate her seat aboard a Southwest Airlines flight shortly before the plane was set to leave Las Vegas for Sacramento last week.

The woman, a petite 5-foot-4, 110 pounds, said she was flying standby when agents sold her the last seat available on the plane. She had already stowed her bags and was settling into her seat when an attendant told her she had to leave immediately.

I actually like Southwest Airlines and I”m sure that they had to have a good reason for this, right?

Hey Southwest Airlines, if you want to let me know your side of the story let me know.  I’ll be glad to give you equal and fair coverage, but from what I see here, you might have made a boo boo.

You can read the full story as I saw it on MSNBC, by clicking HERE.

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