Police arrest 11-year old over inappropriate stick figure drawing – video

If you watch the video or read the story which can be seen by clicking HERE, you will see that the kid was doing what his school therapist asked him to do. The drawing in question was in the process of being thrown away when one of the teachers pulled it and involved the authorities. Now if I’m the parents of the kid, I would be very upset, because no parent wants to see their child hauled away in handcuffs, especially when he didn’t do anything but draw a stick figure picture. If I’m the teacher, I am a little concerned for my safety, especially when you hear and see so many stories of violence against teachers in the schools. The first thing someone says when one of these tragedies happens is why didn’t anyone see the signs that the student was prone to this kind of action. So I can actually see both sides, but I’m not sure that I would have had the kid arrested and thrown in jail.

What do you think should have happened? Your comments are welcome.

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