Woman arrested for spraying cops with her breast milk


Stephanie Robinette


Stephanie Robinette was arrested after trying to fend off the police, who were trying to arrest her, by spraying them with her breast milk, directly from the source.  Let that one sink in for a minute.  So how did this happen?  Supposedly Stephanie had an argument with her husband at a wedding and allegedly struck him several times.  (Can you imagine the looks and the whispers behind that?) Then she stormed off to their car and locked herself in it.   When the police responded to the commotion, they tried to remove her from the car.  She “proceeded to remove her right breast from her dress and began spraying deputies and the vehicle with her breast milk.”  Soon additional deputies arrived, I bet they did ;-), pulled her from the car and placed her under arrest.  So why did she act this way?  The deputies believe she may have had too much to drink.

You can see the full story by clicking HERE.

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